Come on ... Learn Coding to Not Rip off the Times

The development of the digital economy is important for Indonesia's future. The use of digital technology will dominate the business world in the foreseeable future.

Based on the McKinsey study in 2016, approximately 52.6 million types of work will be lost within the next five years. This happens as a result of the development of digital technology in the industrial revolution era 4.0.

Earlier, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said Indonesia has great potential for greater influence in the world. Digital technology will create 3.7 million new jobs in the next 7 years. The majority of the work is a service sector.

Workers are required in the service sector that grows in line with the development of digital technology that is higher higher skilled. Unfortunately, Indonesian human resources still do not have sufficient skills for it.
Currently, a number of Indonesian startup companies are skyrocketing over companies that have stood for decades. The startup company that stood just a few years like Go-Jek has a huge valuation.

"Startup companies are big in scale so they can get a big funding," said Next Coding Marketing Director, Josep Kenny, at the Pullman Hotel, Friday (2/2/2018).

The development of startup companies based on digital technology that certainly requires manpower. Such a great opportunity can not be absorbed by the labor market.

"In fact there is a gap. Not everyone can work there because they do not have the skills, "he said.

Now, there is no reason to delay the development of self along with the development of digital technology, one of them by studying the coding. Not just workers, children can learn computer programming alias coding.

A number of coding course institutions open classes for participants, from children to adults. People interested in studying diverse background coding, such as students, students, workers, and employers. "There are also course applicants aged 40 to 50 years," said Kenny.

In the classroom, children are taught to think logically and algorithmically, math and analytical skills, collaboration and creativity, and problem solving.

The main materials studied include apps, robots, websites, 3D printing, games and math, drones, smart home, and computer programming.

Meanwhile, workers and entrepreneurs can learn how to build and develop static, dynamic, commercial (e-commerce) websites, as well as analyze the websites that have been developed.

"Opportunities for developing digital technology in Indonesia should be seen. In the past, we can only have one shop that must be kept 24 hours multiplied 7 days a week. Now, we can have 10 stores that have baseball physical shape and can produce 10 times more than conventional store before, "he said.

The cost of the course is not cheap. Class package for adult students priced Rp 20 million which can be followed for 8 weeks.

Minister of Manpower and Transmigration, Muhammad Hanif Dhakiri, aware of the cost to enrich the skills in the era of industrial revolution 4.0 is not cheap. Therefore, the government is currently reviewing the mechanism of financing the skills training of workers in order to master the technology.

Two mechanisms are being drafted namely Skill Development Fund (SDF) and Unemployment Benefit (UB). Financing skills training, he continued, was included in the SDF scenario planned to be taken from the state budget. [shinobijawi]
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