Difficult to Freedom in the Era of Electric Vehicles, Nation's Children's Anxiety

For decades, two-wheeled and four-wheeled conventional automobile industry in the country, has become a foreign brand. Millions of US dollars or even billions, evaporated from the market of the country back to their respective countries.

In addition to factories, workers' sweat and pollution, there is nothing left for the nation's children as a future grip. Blinded matter and the contents of the stomach everyday, until not aware that we are in Indonesia, also need technology, manufacturing science, as stock self-establishment.

Envy, when looking at China's technology transfer process (know-how) has been very successful, although the way is a little rough. However, is there a better way to fight new imperialism through this automotive industry?
Never mind, miss the days of conventional vehicles that have no more gaps and left far behind. Now a new era of automotive industry oriented towards electrification has come, though different, all just started to understand and apply the technology.

This is what then try to be pursued by domestic players, who have been traumatized to lose the market on the old story sheet. Hundreds of engineering campuses, researchers and thousands of local bloody engineers who master electric vehicle technology (Gesits, Molina, Ezzy II, Evhero etc), can only hope to the Government.

Currently, the regulation of electric vehicles in the form of Presidential Regulation is being discussed, and the draft final case will be completed within a few days and live signed by Joko Widodo. However, in these times worries then arise.

From the initial draft of the Perpres, which was then discussed with all interested parties including domestic players, there was a demand for market restrictions for foreign players, in order to give priority to local native players.

The proposals, foreign brands are only given an electric car quota above 60 Kw. While for electric vehicles under 60Kw can not be contested and only belong to domestic producers with all the incentives provided.

As for electric motorcycles, 15Kw down for the children of the nation, and on it just leave to others. In plain view, it would be better to waste money on your own children, than anyone else.

Another local player's gripe, in the Perpres, also mentions the incentives of zero percent import duty and so on luxury goods taxes, which make foreign electric vehicle products easy to enter the country and flood the market. What will be the power of domestic products?

"We are still fighting for the draft Perpres, so that the restrictions on national branded electric vehicles at 60 kw remain listed there. Hopefully in the era of President Joko Widodo Indonesian nation a little independence in electric vehicles, "a piece of speech from the story Sukotjo Herupramono, Chairman of the National Branded Vehicle Development Association (Apklibernas) to KompasOtomotif on Sunday (11/2/2018). [shinobijawi]
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